We could bore you with the history of how Jonathan found a camera etc, but really does anyone really care? Lets share about the family behind Vibrant Photography.

Jonathan and Naomi Dear were married back on the 27th of March 2004 and they've been a little busy since! They currently have 3 amazing boys - Josiah (aka siah), Sam (sam-sam) and Caleb (ka-wub). (It's funny how you take on child pronounciation of your kids names) They met up through their previous work, became the best of friends and decided it was ridiculously-silly to not spend the rest of their lives together.

Jonathan usually has his head in the clouds, dreaming about his next shoots etc. It is rare he moves over to the left side of his brain. His ability to learn things quickly and his perfectionism has driven him quickly in his work. He tries to spend as much $$ on photo gear as possible when Naomi is not looking. He loves movies, being outdoors and spending time with his family.

Naomi is alot more grounded! She keeps Jonathan more often than not, organised and back in reality. She is a super mum, business partner, wife, lover and friend. In all reality, there wouldn't be a business without her. Jonathan often jokes she looks after 4 boys. Naomi used to be Naomi Love but she gave up her surname for an almost equal surname of Dear. Naomi gets excited about all things normal - clean homes, holidays and sunny weather.

Josiah, nicknamed by his Papa as 'engineer-dear', is curious and brilliant in his ability to learn and discover new things. Like Jonathan he is sensitive in nature and has a definite love of life. His current interests are anything outdoors, Wii-fit, constructing things and winding up his younger brother.

Sam is the quirky red-head! We are still debating where he came from. He has few words to voice himself, commonly communicating with grunts and other sam-language. His constant smile and happiness lights up everything around him and he is generally the family's main source of entertainment. Most often he is wearing bruises from his adventures and interactions with Josiah. He is an avid Bob the Builder fan.

At this stage (November 2009) Caleb is only 15 weeks old, but already we're seeing a very happy and content baby. He is the spitting image of Jonathan when he was a baby - including the mohawk hair! He has a birthmark on his nose from coming out the wrong way around, and is fondly referred to as rudolf.

Keep an eye on our blog and I'm sure you'll come across them all from time to time.