Forget the cheesy-couple shots around the reception tables – give your guests the opportunity to be themselves and have fun in the process.The Vibrant crazybooth is an area of the reception venue we turn into a crazy zone. We bring studio lighting and setup an area where guests can jump in and have some fun, creative photos.

This booth is not like your typical cram-into-a-tiny-booth behind a curtain and get a few low quality images. The booth is manned by a photographer who will get the creative-juices flowing and it’ll be sure to be the talking point of the evening.

Add a box of silly props and you’ll find the results hilarious.

Of course there is also plenty of opportunity to have some nice portraits with friends and groups of friends with the bride and groom. An opportunity which is not always possible after the ceremony.The crazybooth is included in all our new wedding coverage.

The photos are included for the bride and groom, and the guests can view the photos online and purchase the files or prints.